EV is the prefix used by the company formerly known as DEC to describe one of their Alpha CPU cores. The breakdown for the EV cores is as follows:
EV4  : 21064
EV45 : 21066a
EV5  : 21164
EV56 : 21164a
EV6  : 21264
EV7  : 21364

EV, a reference to the famous DEC Tech Report at: http://www.research.digital.com/wrl/techreports/html/TN-13/ , stands for Electro-Vlasic.

EV an electric vehicle.

An electric vehicle is very efficient with hardly any waste heat or friction like gas or diesel car. When you stop it can use the motor in reverse making it a generator and regenerating energy while saving brake wear.

Early Electric Vehicles were make in the USA way back around 1800 along with gas and steam cars. The electric was progressing well with Detroit Electric, Edison electric Baker and many others. They even help the land speed record for a while.

Funny but what did away with the electric vehicle was the invention of the electric starter invented in 1914 by Charles Kettering at Cadillac. That made it easy to styart the gas car instead of a hand crank. They also discovered oil in Pensylvania and Texas so it was American fuel. I 1970 the USA ran low and imported more than we found. In 2010 it's 60% impoted.

Now on 2010 the batteries have improved a lot. The USA imports 60% of the oil and gas cars are still only 20% or less efficent. The electric car is returning and much improved. Air pollution and global warming are big problems. You can die from car exhaust in a closed garage.

There also have been some very big oil spills from the EXXON Valdez in 1990s to the BP Gulf oil well blow out in 2010. Millions of gallons leak each day from well, leaks, industry. We only have 1 fragile world.

The new American Tennessee made Nissan LEAF goes 100 miles on a charge, can fast charge if needed in under 20 minutes for 100 miles, 5 minutes for 25 etc. It cost less at about $30K with no gas, no oil, no tramission or exhaust. Tesla is makeing a family sedan, the Tesla S in Califiorna with a 300 mile range.

Electricity is everywhere. There is excess at low Time of Day pricing at night. Even normal prices are about 10 KwH 80 cents vs a gallon of gas $2.60 in July 2010. An electric can also use solar PV electric, Wind power, Hydro electric power and many types of standard electricity. As vehicles get lighter they are even more efficient. efficinet, EV, clean, imported oil

It's a whole new cleaner world.

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