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  • jmcleeb3: http://slashdot.msn.com/ Popular pr0n site with hot pix of Bill Gates slurping jizz off Malda's knob ... Rep -16.

  • WiredRat: -1 The number that appears in the rep field of my node s summary. Why?

  • mlockhart, andric0n: People who give their kids guns to kill animals with

  • scottman: command.com The little thingie that gives you a command prompt in DOS.
  • terminated with extreme prejudice: 25 write up by kevingpo, which read in full "I just wanted to get up to next level"
  • Removed trolling on everything by beable, which consisted of "cast! whizzzz! bite! GOTCHA!". ...this one's under the limit.

    Also removed belgand's The List: "You don't know what the list is? Oh then why are you looking here trying to find out about the list? AHA! You don't know what the list is! Not knowing about the list is a listable offense! On you go!" ...I've got a little list, too.

    Say g'bye to Earn Your Bullshit by master koke, a breathtakingly off-topic rambling bit of the aforementioned which began "only since people first evolved has any semblance of order, and therefore disorder, existed" and goes downhill from there. ...Ah, but who created disorder? Newbies!

    Slaughtered Bowling for Votes by Sand Jack, who was gallantly putting his XP on the line by "Testing hypothesis..." <voice id="Ahnold">...Hypothesis confirmed.</voice>

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