The X-files

The List
Episode: 3X05
First aired:10/20/95
Written by: Chris Carter
Directed by: Chris Carter

Neech Manley is talking to his wife, Danielle. He is in jail and is about to be put to death. In the electric chair, Manley says he will revenge all the cruelty he has suffered and that five men will die. He is put to death.

Later, a gaurd has been found in Manley's cell. Mulder and Scully come to investigate. A rumor has spread that Manley has been reincarnated. Mulder notes that the gaurd's death can not be explained. Scully sees that maggots have started to eat the flesh of the head. Another inmate, Speranza says Manley has returned and that he is pure energy.

Scully wanders in the hall alone and is suddenly grabbed by a man in the shadows. The man says that he knows who is going to die next, that there is a list. The next man to die is apparently a an named Roque. Later, a prisoner opens a paint can and finds a head of one of the gaurds with maggots on it as well.

Scully learns that the first victim's lungs were filled with larva of the green bottle fly and that the man suffocated or drowned.

Mulder questions Roque who wants to transfer out of the prison in exchange for the three remaining names on the list. The warden wont make a deal and finds, in his office, the gaurd's headless body sittin gin his chair.

Mulder finds in Manley's diary, that he was obsessed with reincarnation. Scully remains doubtful. They talk to Danielle who says if any one came back it would be Manley.

The warden takes Roque in the shadows and demands to know the names on the list. Roque tells him that the warden is number five. Roque is later found dead in the showers and the gaurd who warned Scully, Parmelly, is seen kissing Danielle.

Mulder does not believe that Roque was on Manley's list and asks for the name of the executioner. They find the man dead in his home.

Speranza says Roque was not on the list. Manley's former lawyer is killed.

Parmelly comes to Danielle's house. She is angry because she knows the FBI are staking out the place. Later, Daneille wakes up seeing Manley by her bed. She follows him with a gun and finds Parmelly. She says the Parmelly is Manley and shoots him before the agents enter.

The warden beats Speranza asking for the last man on the list.

Mulder and Scully assume the case is over and prepare to leave. Mlder has doubts, but Scully insists that it is all over. They see the warden pass them in his car. We see him swating a fly away. The warden looks in the rearview mirror and sees Manley behind him grabbing his throat. The car careens into a tree and we see the warden dead with a fly on his mouth.

Important Quotes:
Scully -- "Being obsessed with it doesn't mean you can do it"
Mulder -- "No, unless he knew something we don't."
Scully -- "Like what, the magic password?"

Mulder -- "Is there another competing theory?"
Scully -- "A very good one and one much more believable..."

Mluder -- "Is there another competing theory?"
Scully -- "A very good one and one much more believable..."

Scully -- "Woman gets lonely, sometimes she can't wait around for her man to be reincarnated..."

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