This was on "the list". It was on the list from way back, back when I started receiving the list. From my mom, my grandmom, my teachers and of course, my older sister.

It included, at least at first some basic -Dos and Don'ts like:

don't sit with your legs open when you wear a skirt
don't eat food that falls on the ground
don't pick your teeth
etc, etc.

Still this one, this was a little weird. For a lot of reasons-
I mean I had been sitting on guys laps for years-My grandfather, then my dad, then Santa then my Uncle (on family trips), etc. It was never discouraged. Next, when I asked why this was OK at age 12 and "really gross" at age 14, I got no answer. What I got was rolled eyes, looks over shoulder and the famous- Well, you'll see... without explanation.

All of the other BIG NOs came with long detailed answers. What was the deal?

Well, now I know, of course. I mean I know both why I am not supposed to do it and why I love it. Oh, and that stuff about how it only "encourages" boys-well, the boys I know don't need any encouragement. Some restraint? Sure. Some manners, yes. But encouragement, nope.

Now, about that pick your teeth thing....


He stands up dumping her unceremoniously to the ground.

"Don't do that! The only girl I want on my lap is my dog!"

His friends laugh uproariously at his obvious discomfort. He shoots them his dagger eyes, turns to the closest one and punches him on the arm. He walks away from them in disgust towards the football field.

She jumps up to follow him at the urging of her friends. She brushes off the dirt, tosses back her hair, and catches up to him grabbing him by the shirt.

"Why don't you admit it? You know you like me!"

"I admit NOTHING! I like my dog. I like my football. I like my drums. I do NOT like YOU! Why can't you take a hint?"

"I copied that picture of you a hundred times and wallpapered one of my walls with them you know... Come on! I KNOW you like me! Heather told me so."

"Heather is LYING, she doesn't know dip! GO AWAY!" He stops his quick pace suddenly making her shoot past. She turns around to face him.

"She said she gave you my note and you put it under your pillow!"

"Oh by the way... Here's my response to your little note". He hands it to her shredded into a million little pieces.

His friends rush up to him to SAVE him from a horrible fate, plus now they are late to practice. They toss him a soda, which he swigs down followed by a loud belch.

"Gotta run! Football practice. Catch you never!"

Her friends catch up to find her with a smile on her face. "I knew he liked me! I KNEW IT! I'm going to marry him someday!"

She carefully puts the pieces of her torn note into her pocket to put into her treasure box when she gets home. He touched them! She had another piece of him.

"Let's go watch the guys practice..."

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