September 20, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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O dem bones, the nodegel has seethed and bubbled, it has settled and moved in a gentle and steady nodeflow. The nodes are many. We are few. Yet emboldened by so many cool nodes, we exert ourselves to serve the noders. The gel is precious. The nodes are precious.

However, these nodes were found not to be so:

  • blatant female sexuality by ghost006. By request.
  • Canadian Geese by Infinity. By request.
  • By Codger, by request:
    • Not so Famous Quotes by Famous People
    • Pippi Longstocking
    • mistaken
Some messages, some title edits, some work on superdocs. I am reading chromatic's docs on the core code over at EveryDevl.

The Crypt returns the following to freegel:

  • If you were a bird, where would you poop? The whole node, with wus by General Wesc, the mighty moJoe, idoru and many others. Why? Well idoru suggested it, remorseful that he had participated in this ugly ugly episode. To purge his guilt and the sins of the many, I had no other choice but to use the sword that gives life.
  • By AndieX, by request:
    • Palpigerous
    • Read the whole node before C!-ing a writeup!
  • birfday by revscat23. Asked the user if I should delete it at -6. No answer. It reached -7. Raised ire pointlessly. Nuked it. Request came in to nuke it. Done.
  • By White Delirium, by request.
    • vorphelia
    • macrophelia
  • Bagog by blaaf. By request.
  • that feeling like you weren't paying attention by R3DM3CURY2. By request.

Killed: sane guy's writeup in heli-arc. Total content: "gotta go get some eggs... will be completed later." I hope you at least enjoyed the eggs.

Glared at: pzdev's linkless writeup in water. Decided to let it live because the writeup seemed fine.

Killed: superegg2000's writeup in water. Total content: "The white man hates H20 because he can't own it." Aside from being stupid, it's inaccurate: the white man likes water in his scotch, and the white man also owns water. So there.

Killed: sane guy's writeup in water. Total content: "wuter" if your in Jersey, or "eh, fuck you, water" if you are in NY." I might have left it if he'd only told us how they say "water" in Montana, Alaska, Guadalajara, Taiwan, the French Riviera, and South Africa. As it was, it was just woefully incomplete...

Nodes Killed

Holy water by edgarde. -5, and it's pretty demonstrably NOT the pope's urine.
It's time to assimilate all the little Pokemon critters into Ev. Bad title, no content. I have no interest in how the noder can't node Pokemon with guaranteed interest from others.
ferrets by GuNgA-DiN and jlb. BAD PLURAL! Let's not do that again.
The Battle of Evermore by Lanatha. One fact and a Not to be confused with - easily removed.
Anti-Americanism by Max von H.. The entire content was "A very, very good idea. Proof: it's very, very popular!" People, debate, flame and troll away, but one to two lines of venom without reasoning or justification like this will be removed.
US of A and Max von H. and Simeon2000. Hate and jingoism gone in a single, swift wipe of the node.
igloo by Max von H. and a life in hell. Seals are the natural creators of such, not dolphins. Die. Can we get a decent description and explanation in here? Perhaps even some building instructions would be possible, tho it's not my area of expertise - come on E2!
decadence by Max von H.. More cheap shots, this time at MS and the US. Whee - please don't use definitions to diss or praise people.
ugly non-americans by Simeon2000 and Max von H.. I'm beginning to think they were opposite twins or something, but once again they add little with an obvious statement of fact (You can't define something by itself!) and a cheap shot.
geneva by Max von H.. Points out it's a city in Switzerland, and it's nice. How nice.

Titles to Edit

Final Fanatasy Love Will Grow - let's check that Fantasy, no?
geneva - Proper nouns get capitalized, right?

Nodeshells to Kill

It's time to assimilate all the little Pokemon critters into Ev
US of A
7098146390861590 87256169829085

Users to Kill

Max von H. - he has no nodes, he's never shown up, and his end is nigh...

Writueps killed:

  • Grape Flavored Fuck Monkeys by White Delirium: The author believes that one should scream obscene gibberish in public. He provides a phrase for us to scream. He has the courage of his convictions: Most of the writeup is very difficult to interpret, though it's not really obscene except for the title. He may be right about the screaming, but I would have appreciated an attempt to explain the reasoning behind it. I informed him of his loss. He took it well.

  • chili dogs by ojnk (never seen on E2): "Like hot dogs, only they have chili on them, too. Most often served in cesspools, perhaps by the Cambodian Police." Rep -2 before I voted on it. If you're going to node a plural, you should try to do better. If all you know about something is that you hate it, put it in a day log. There's another node which covers the subject in much greater detail.

  • Sierra Nevada Pale Ale by hype (never seen on E2): "the daily dose.", no links. The nodeshell is as informative now as it was with the writeup. hype's other writeups are a bit skimpy, but worth keeping.

  • STDOUT (never seen on E2)

    • Pete's Wicked Ale: "Yummy...". If the stuff exists, and is sold, somebody must like it. If that's the case, I am not informed by a writeup which tells me merely that somebody, somewhere, at some time, liked it. I already knew that, just from pure unaided reason alone. More detail, please. This and the fine brew above are now nodeshells, and it's a shame. I'd really like to see good writeups on them. They're not my favorites, but they deserve better than this. If anybody knows of a language that has an all-caps "STDOUT" defined, please let me know. The only stdouts I know of are in C and awk, both are lower-case, and both languages are case-sensitive.

    • fucking thing: "what the fuck is that fucking thing?" No comment.

    • thats bogus: "Thats bogus is what I said when I saw that fucking thing." This was a goner anyway, but the lack of apostrophes made killing it much easier and more fun.

    • smot: "Rhymes with snot."

    • goo: "Does not rhyme with shoe. Actually it does. So what am I talking about? Goo is a song by Sonic Youth." The Sonic Youth angle is covered in detail by another writeup in the same node. The rest is worthless.

    • poke: "a prod. To poke is to smoke. Smoke Pot. Poke smot." The first two words are unclear; is it a noun or a verb? Webster 1913 explains it better.

    • good singer: "Good singers are hard to find." True, but not a definition.

    • canadian-communists: "I miss Ginger Spice. But Scary Spice is my gurl." A witless response to the other writeup in the node, which is also witless, but well-enough executed to be spared.

    • Ginger Spice: He seems to approve.

    Three of STDOUT's four remaining writeups are a bit iffy, but I let them live: Vincent Gallo, snot, and vacuum.

Nodeshells to be removed: Grape Flavored Fuck Monkeys, chili dogs, thats bogus, good singer

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