The world of the internet is quite a place with thrilling turns and little rooms where people talk about wanting to do different things, but what of its curious language?

There are many different forms of internet slang. Some is used by young people, what is called "internet kiddies," and some is used by different kinds of people. Some people are in the army. Some people are working at the supermarket. Others have drowned at sea. They all use different internet slang.

One of the most common expressions, used by many different groups with many different backgrounds is "Elves eating salad." You can't have spent any time on these internets over the past decade without having heard this expression at least a dozen times. But what does it mean?

It comes from the true history of Elves in America. When the good human men were rallying to defeat the various infestations of elves, they noted in their Trapper Keepers that the elves were often sitting together in the forest eating salad and looking at family photos when the good men slaughtered them where they sat.

As a result, the common internet slang expression, "Elves eating salad" has come to mean "Doing something so annoyingly mundane that you deserve to die for it."

Some sample uses:

STUPID FRIEND: I have to go to my son's baptism this afternoon.

YOU: That is elves eating salad.


GROSS WOMAN: Would you like to go to the theater?

YOU: I'd rather watch elves eating salad.

As you can see, many uses.

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