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Embracing Emily is a novel based closely on the life of the author, H Reese Scott.

Scott grew up outside of the small town of Hatboro, PA—a suburb of Philadelphia—in the 1950's and early 60's. Raised within a strict fundamentalist Christian family, the author struggled with spiritual and social beliefs that seemed to victimize her by creating a life that defied her demands for conscious authorship.

Marrying young, Scott and her husband had four children together. In 1993—just shy of their 20th wedding anniversary—Scott was suddenly widowed. Left alone to raise her two young daughters—ages four and nine—Scott's desire to sort through the superstitious beliefs and patriarchal conditioning of her childhood—as well as a lifelong dream to live in Europe—led her to move abroad to sort through her life and reinvent herself.

Scott's interest in Russian culture, combined with her meager finances, initially determined her choice of locations—the Baltic country of Estonia. But once settled into their new home in Tartu, Estonia, it was love and appreciation for the local culture that created the small family's determination to stay.

Far from her family and friends, Scott embarked on a journey of self discovery—fueled by an intense need for independence and authorship of her own story. Praying for clarity, consciousness, and an understanding of her personal power, the author ultimately found much more than she'd bargained for.

After a decade of living in both Estonia and Latvia—on an icy road outside of Riga, Latvia— Scott suffered a near fatal car accident. Her recovery from this accident left her with ample time to complete an autobiographical novel that had been living on her Macintosh computer for more than 5 years. To her surprise, within the writing of this autobiography, Scott found a personal connection with herself, as well as God, thanks to a committee of chatty characters—living within a separate manuscript—who moved into her autobiography and began unraveling the riddles that confronted her.

The questions that Embracing Emily pose to the reader are: what if every thought creates? What if we are all authoring our individual stories with our thoughts; and what if these thoughts are collectively creating our planet?


The original author's name is H Reese Scott, and I have her permission to repost this article.

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