One of the major wars held by the Society for Creative Anachronism, fought every year in the kingdom of Atenveldt (which consists of "Arizona and small bits of Utah and California.")

Never been to an SCA event myself, but I'm told that Estrella is really something to see, especially if you're into thousands of people charging at each other with swords and screaming.

A Swedish brand of snacks founded by Folke Andersson in 1946 (though it was sold to Marabou and Pet Milk Co. in 1965). They produce a variety of snacks such as chips, peanut rings, chili nuts (etc etc.)

The quality of their snacks are quite average. Their chips are tasty and yummy and all that, but somewhat moist, soggy and soft. Their peanuts, however, are in lack of a better word, scrumptious!

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