Surely you'd noticed by now. The little things, the things that don't quite add up.

The way conversations in the Chatterbox go 'round and 'round, the same things being said over and over only at random intervals. The whole "boobies" meme for example.

The way the same arguments come up time and again in discussion groups.

The way nodes fall into convenient categories, genres. The depressed-and-suicidal nodes, the heartbreak nodes, the poetry, even many of the factuals: bring a few of them up on your screen in separate windows and compare them. Take your time.

He's been watching you, you see. All this time he's been standing quietly in the darkness at the back of the hall, observing as you send your messages into the emptiness of the database. Collecting information. Evaluating. Making plans.

Wherever you are: listen. He's made his decision and is stepping forth from the shadows. Listen: beneath the buzz of your office, beneath the rush of traffic outside your apartment window, in the silence of your lonely room. Footsteps. Can you hear them?

You're not going to be alone anymore. Something wonderful is going to happen.

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