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Färnebofjärden national park

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One of the more recent national parks of Sweden, Färnebofjärden national park, designated by the government in 1998, is a bay south of the community of Gysinge, marking the border between the counties of Västmanland, Dalarna and Gävleborg. The park covers an area of 101 square kilometers (39 square miles) including 41 square kilometers (16 square miles or 12 square nautical miles) of water.

The bay is part of the delta of the river Dalälven with characteristic marshlands and frequently flooded meadows as the river cuts through the plains roughly on the border between the provinces of Gästrikland and Uppland, also marking the border between northern and southern Sweden biologically. The bay is shallow and the surroundings are relatively level, leading to massive spring floods.

The park features over 200 islands and skerries. Over a hundred different bird species including woodpeckers and owls nest in the area. A good view of the park can be obtained from a lookout by national route 67 at Skekarsbo. From this road signs also lead to the main access points to the park are at Sevedskvarn, south of Gysinge and at Östa Camping. Both places feature displays outlining the area's flora and fauna, and the former has a wheelchair accessible trail with shelters and more information.

Following is a translation of the conditions governing Färnebofjärden national park. I am neither a lawyer, nor a translator. This is for educational purposes only. Do not blame me if you get in trouble, yada, yada. The conditions translated into the text below apply only to Färnebofjärden. Other national parks have other conditions specified for them.

SNFS 1998:6

Released from printing on August 14, 1998.

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's regulations for Färnebofjärden national park;

decreed May 13, 1997.

Supported by 4 § of the national park ordinance (1987:938) and after consultation with the administrative boards in the counties of Västmanland, Gävleborg and Dalarna, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency announces the following conditions for Färnebofjärden national park according to 5 § second section of the environmental protection act (1964:822).

Within the national park it is forbidden to

  • regulate water flow or divert water
  • dig, excavate, ditch, dam, fill, drill, chisel, dredge, paint, blast, or otherwise damage the ground or boulders
  • stock items
  • raise a building, hut or other facility
  • construct trails or roads
  • run cables through the ground or air
  • raise fences or other enclosures
  • introduce plant or animal species foreign to the area
  • conduct military training exercises
  • fly over the area at an altitude less than 300 meters; this is not applicable to military flight if the weather situation or other similar circumstances require flying over the area at a lower altitude
  • use fertilizer or chemical or biological pesticides
  • spread lime over ground or water
  • hunt game other than elk, roe deer and mink; hunting of elk and roe deer must not be conducted between January 1 and August 15; the hunting of beaver is allowed for the environmental protection manager
  • conduct athletic contest or motor race
  • break branches, cut down or otherwise damage living or dead trees and bushes
  • stay in areas designated on the map in the established plan of maintenance between January 1 and June 15
  • enter islands and islets, or stay closer to these than 100 meters, between April 1 and July 7
  • use a motorboat and fish in Tiå, Tisjön, Östasjön, Kölforsån, or Lillån
  • waterski
  • camp or make a fire outside designated sites
  • pick or dig up plants; gathering berries and edible mushrooms is permitted
  • climb inhabited trees, collect insects or otherwise knowingly disturb or harm animal life
  • use a motorized vehicle in terrain and on ice
  • practice horseback-riding or ride a bicycle in the terrain
  • use a radio or a tape or record player in a disrupting manner or use such a device to call game
  • bring an unleashed dog; dogs at permitted hunting are exempted
  • drive a boat at speeds in excess of 12 knots
  • conduct business
  • grant fishing to the public in the area between Sjöforsen and Långlådingen.

Regulations regarding the announcement of exceptions from given regulations are stated in 5 § of the national park ordinance (1987:938).

Without hindrance by the above prohibitions, it is permissible

  • for staff within the national park administration to use maintenance vehicles and conduct measures according to determined plan of maintenance
  • for an official in official matters regarding healthcare, police or rescue operations to use appropriate vehicle and dogs; such measures shall be reported to the environmental protection manager, if possible in advance
  • after consulting with the environmental protection manager, to maintain existing ditches designated on the map in the established plan of maintenance
  • to conduct an inventory and research according to programs and methods approved by the environmental protection manager.

There regulations pass into law on September 10, 1998.

Information synthesized from www.environ.se.

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