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everyone else left after the party
my ride will be here soon, I tell her

she has a beer in each hand
don't you want one for the road, she asks,
you haven't had any
not tonight,
I never touch the stuff, I say
very seldom

this big apartment must get pretty lonely, I say
even though it is tiny
yes, she says, but the neighbor girls are nice
you must have met a few of them tonight

I fumble around in my pocket,
find my phone
it rings, I answer
yes, all right, here I come, I say to no one
I go to the door,
fumbling for my car keys,
trying to remember where I parked

are you sure you don't want one, she asks again
you don't know what you're missing, she says
as she takes a swig
she turns away slightly
and I see her from the side
I know what I'm missing

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