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The X-files

Episode: 2X09
First aired:11/18/94
Written by: Howard Gordon
Directed by: David Nutter

Scientists recieve a distressing signal from a party in Mt. Avalon, a volcano. The video shows one man lying dead and then the equipment, a robot called Firewalker, being knocked down by a mysterious shadow.

Scully insists on helping Mulder when he says to stay and get more rest. The reach the research site with another scientist, Pierce. Walking around the site, Mulder is attacked by a memeber of the team. As Scully and Pierce rush to help him, Mulder yells that they are FBI. The attacker comes into the light and yells for the others to come out. There are three survivors, Ludwig, Tanaka, and O'Niel, who all fear their leader, Trepkos, who supposidly went crazy and murdered their fellow scientist.

Looking at Trepkos's notes, Mulder finds references to a new life form, a subterranean organism, silicon-based, that can survive the heat of a volcano. Pierce is murdered by Trepkos who tells him that no one can leave the site.

Working in the lab, Tanaka collapses into a seizure like state. Mulder, Scully, and the team rush to get him help, however Tanaka runs into the forrest and into a large ditch. Mulder and Ludwig watch as a huge spore suddenly bursts out of Tanaka's throat, killing him. Scully, carefully looking at the body, notes that this spore grew inside of Tanaka.

While Scully studies the spore, Mulder and Ludwig go into the volcano in search of Trepkos. Ludwig is killed by Trepkos who also burns the body as Mulder watches, shoked. Trepkos explains that he's only trying to kill the spore, not his friends, and that Firewalker had brought the spore back and infected everyone.

Mulder rushes back to Scully, knowing that she is alone with O'Niel who most likely is infected. Scully had, before realized that the spore is airborne. While working, O'Niel suprises Scully, and cuffs herself to her. It is obvious to Scully that O'Niel is infected and is about to die from the spore. Scully throws O'Niel into a plexiglass chamber just before the spore burts out against the window.

Trepkos returns to see O'Neil's body and carries her down into the volcano. Mulder tells the rescuers that him and Scully were the only survivors, letting Trepkos escape.

Important Quotes:
Mulder -- "Scully? I don't think it's a good idea for you to go."
Scully -- "Mulder, I appreciate your concern - but I'm ready. I want to work."
Mulder -- "Well, maybe you should take some time off."
Scully -- "I've already lost too much time."

Scully -- "But the fundamental building block for every organism known to man is carbon, from the smallest bacterium to the largest redwood tree."
Mulder -- "Yes, but silicon is the closest element to carbon. It reacts almost identically with other elements, the way it combines to form complex molecules. A silicon-based lifeform in the deep biosphere has been one of the Holy Grails of modern science and maybe Trepkos found it."

Scully -- "Will you at least let me go with you?"
Mulder -- "No."
Scully -- "Look, I know what you're thinking but you have to get past that. We both do. I'm back, and I'm not going anywhere."

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