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Firkraag is a giant red dragon in Baldur's Gate 2. He lives in his own dungeon, but you meet him first as a human, in the Copper Coronet tavern in the Slums District of Athkatla. There he is called Lord Jierdan, but that's only an illusion. He's offering you a job, which you definitely should take.

When you first meet him at the bottom of his dungeon, don't kill him unless you've been to the High Hall of the Radiant Heart. This is the seat of the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart, an order of paladins in the Temple District of Athkatla. The Order has paladin quests for you, at least if you're of good alignment. That way, you'll get a lot of XP from them for taking Firkraag out, in addition to what you get for plain killing him.

Firkraag has interest in you (the main character) because of a past grudge with Gorion, your foster father, killed at the beginning of Baldur's Gate I, as well as your status as a child of Bhaal.

Firkraag is a very difficult adversary. His arsenal of spells is highly effective, and the Wing Buffet effect is quite stunning.

Here are some interesting facts about Firkraag:

  • Very old
  • Red
  • Has about 180 hit points
  • Gives you 64,000 XP
  • Has the +5 Holy Avenger, also known as Carsomyr. This weapon is only usable by paladins.
  • When you kill him, you get some scales from his skin, which make excellent armor if you take them to Cromwell the Dwarf in the Docks of Athkatla.

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