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I've run across some other odd shots and styles of foosball table:

(CAUTION) Spin shot, executed by trapping the ball under any 'man' in the back (i.e., toward your own goal) of his swing and forcing the ball to move forward with fair speed. This shot causes the ball to accelerate, decelerate or curve as it travels. If you're not careful, the ball will go backwards instead (or you could break something). Also, if you're going to lose the ball behind you to your opponent, you can sometimes get it back with light spin.

Pass shot, executed with the 2- or 3-man bars. Pass the ball (parallel to the bars) from one man to another on the same bar then take a shot with the man you passed to. With a little practice this is a good shot to get around many tough defenses.

Indirect shot, performed with any but the goalie. Start with the ball between two men on a given bar. Hit it with one man so that the ball rolls (mostly) parallel to the bar with good speed, but don't follow through with the shot. Instead, as you hit, stop your men so they're only a little forward of straight up and down so that the ball will deflect off the other man. I can only do this one by accident so far, but it's a crazy shot. Maybe a picture would help. "B" is the bottom of the men's feet, "O" is the ball...

B _ _ _\
 ^     /

Bank shot, executed anywhere. Bounce the ball off a wall toward the opponent's goal. It's impossible to block off every angle, so with a fast shot and good angle control you can make shots from anywhere on the table.

Another table style is to have a single-man goalie bar on the extreme ends (instead of a 3-man in the goalie line), and sloping corners to replace the need to get the ball out of the corner. This table is more (and less...) like soccer because there are then eleven 'men'. This is the table style that I play on most often, and some shots can be made from rolling around the sloping corner (blockable, but it's difficult).

Game styles include any number of players from 2 up to 4 (or 8 if you want a crazy game). 2-player is straightforward; each player has 4 bars to control (1- or 3-man, 2-man, 5-man and 3-man). 3-player is often called "cutthroat": only the player on a side by themselves can score, and if the 2-person team makes a goal then everyone rotates. 4-player is just like 2-player except with 2-player teams. Putting any more than 4 players on a table means that at least two people can only control one bar at a time, and this is usually more difficult because it is crowded.

For some trick shots and amazing footage, check out http://www.canadafoos.com/.

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