"We report. You decide." Driving one last nail in the coffin of the myth of the "liberal media", while spinning a few myths of its own. A veritable memefest from the "vast right-wing conspiracy". The broadcast equivalent of one of Mr Murdoch's gutter-press tabloids. Wrap your fish in nothing less.

Some of us remember CNN's coverage of the Gulf War. Show after show saying how superior the armed forces of the U.S. were. Endless talk of the smart bombs. Weapons so advanced that no American soldier need risk his life but can safely hydrogen bomb. Reports of the Patriot missiles and how they saved so many lives and intercepted so many Iraqi SCUDs. Of course, the smart bombs were (and are) nothing more than DoD propaganda fiction, Patriot missiles had more misfires than actual intercepts, but CNN never admitted this. How many "liberal" commentators were present during that coverage to question the accuracy of the information or the motives of the people giving it? Zero.

Let's also remember the Lewinsky mess. Endless -- ENDLESS -- coverage of the President's most sickening sex habits, his philandering, his blatant lies, and all other manner of filth. CNN harped continually on all this.

What about the WTO riots in Seattle? Did they ask anyone WHY these people were protesting and willing to die for their beliefs? Were they depicted as concerned citizens? No.

How about the 2000 election? Did they fight George W. Bush's takeover tooth and nail? Did they cast constant doubt on his legitimacy? Did they condemn his policies as the shortsighted ramblings of a backwoods hick?

And these very days -- are they saying anything about the $15 billion airline buyout that has yet to restore one laid-off worker's job? How about the Patriot Act of 2001, or the DMCA, both of which piss all over civil liberties to an extent unimagined even by Nixon?

I am not a liberal. Liberals sicken me. Conservatives also sicken me. Don't call me a liberal. But what really sickens me is pretension. As Jet-Poop says, the bias of the Fox News Channel is not a bad thing, right to popular speech and all, but to hear people parrot the bullshit of their favorite media Mongols is enough to make me rant incessantly.

Yet another cable news channel, commonly called FNC, along the lines of the Cable News Network and MSNBC from that ever lovable media mogul from down under.

The channel began its inception in October of 1996 headed by Roger Ailes as chairman and CEO. The network launched in about 16.5 million homes and has since then steadily gained more and more viewership along with more subscribers in wide various locations worldwide.

The channel's premise is being the premier 24 hour news broadcasting channel with the mantra of being " fair and balanced." The current stables of shows tries to compliment that vision with TV personality, like Bill O'Reilly, Neil Cavuto and just recently Greta Van Susteren, each having an hour to spout about any subject and any topic relating to human interest or politics.

Some have simply disregarded the network as being a conservative puppet but overall I find the channel to be no more conservative than CNN to be liberal. And if any doubts of partisan purity still occur I do the simplest thing to remain as unbiased as possible: I push the channel back button and watch CNN for awhile for a more accurate and balanced viewing pleasure.

Some others have also complained that FNC would show anything to pass off as news on TV and that is true. On weekdays FNC operates on hours of original contents while on the weekends the channel switch gears for more human interest shows or just rehash of the week's news. Sometimes Japanese circus cats, monkeys naked running around and overgrown vegetables do pop up with shows like Hot Shots (a kaleidoscope of sound bytes and video bytes) or the Fox Report but like any cable channel operating on an all-day schedule things either repeat or a time slot has to be filled.

Current TV personalities include:

  • John Gibson, host of the Big Story (basically a rehash of yesterday news with the spin of letting people dial in live on the show to speak their mind)
  • Fred Barnes and Mort Kondrake, hosts of The Beltway Boys (the actual conceding conservative-leaning show about all things political in Washington)
  • Brit Humes, host of Special Report (This is basically where all the Congress head-honchos pop in to spew about their personal agenda)
  • Neil Cavuto, host of Your World (Fox's only financial news hour devoted entirely to the heavy shakers and the deal movers)
  • Shepard Smith, host of The Fox Report (Covers all the day's news ranging from the entertaining to the breaking to the absurd)
  • Bill O'Reilly, host of The O'Reilly Factor (The O-Man himself talks fair and balanced with pundits and guests alike on variety of subjects for fun)
  • Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes, hosts of Hannity & Colmes (Interesting concept show where Hannity, the Republican, and Colmes, the Democrat, give their take on the day's events with various guests)
  • Greta Van Susteran, host of On the Record (I heard she got some surgery done but honestly I don't know what her show is about, I don't purposely stay up this late just to watch her)
  • Geraldo Riviera, lost somewhere and no one cares (Fox's war correspondent deep inside enemy territory trying his best to give an excuse for American pilots to miss targets)

Former personalities include Paula Zahn (god, she's hot) and Matt Drudge.

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