Freddie Mercury actually had some operatic vocal training and originally wanted to be an opera singer, which is why he had one of the most powerful voices in rock music, and probably why Bohemian Rhapsody was made.

He also had one of those powerful stage presences that few people could achieve.

And, sadly, he probably didn't practice enough safe sex.

September 5, 1946 -- November 24, 1991 --Freddie Mercury was born Fahrook (or Frederick) Bulsara in Zanzibar off the coast of Tanzania. He grew up in India, studying at St Peter's School in Bombay, before moving to England with his family in 1964. Freddie studied graphic illustration at Ealing College of Art. Prior to joining Queen, he was lead singer for a band called "Ibex" and released a couple of solo singles as "Larry Lurex". He wrote the legendary Bohemian Rhapsody and was the driving force behind Queen's innovative videos which are generally considered to be the inspiration which moved video away from being a simple recording of a band performing a song.

Well known for his energetic and flamboyant live performances and his magnetic stage presence, Freddie was the undeniable 'star' of the British Live Aid concert at Wembley in 1985.

Throughout the 80's he pursued a solo career, in tandem with his work with Queen, as did Brian May, and Roger Taylor. He worked with Dave Clark for the recording of London's West End musical Time. This was followed in 1987 with the realisation of one of his long term dreams; to record with opera diva Montserrat Caballe. 'Barcelona', the album's title song, was written in celebration of that city being selected to host the Olympic Games and went on to become the unofficial anthem of the 1992 games.

Freddie died of AIDS in November 1991, the first major British celebrity to do so, and this prompted a huge reawakening of interest in the treatment of the disease in the UK. Funds dedicated to his memory, starting from a tribute concert in 1992 have raised millions for research and treatment over the last 9 years.

Queen songs credited to Freddie Mercury:
Great King Rat
My Fairy King
Seven Seas Of Rhye
Ogre Battle
The Fairy Fellers Master Stroke
The March Of The Black Queen
Funny How Love Is
Killer Queen
Flick Of The Wrist
Lily Of The Valley
In The Lap Of The Gods
Stone Cold Crazy (with Taylor, May & Deacon)
Bring Back That Leroy Brown
In The Lap Of The Gods...Revisited
Death On Two Legs
Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon
Seaside Rendezvous
Love Of My Life
Bohemian Rhapsody
You Take My Breath Away
The Millionaire Waltz
Somebody To Love
Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy
We Are The Champions
Get Down, Make Love
My Melancholy Blues
Bicycle Race
Let Me Entertain You
Don't Stop Me Now
Play The Game
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Don't Try Suicide
Ming's Theme
The Ring
Football Fight
The Kiss
Vultan's Theme
Staying Power
Body Language
Life Is Real (Song For Lennon)
Cool Cat (with Deacon)
It's a Hard Life
Man On The Prowl
Keep Passing The Open Windows
Is The is The World We Created? (with May)
Pain Is So Close To Pleasure (with Deacon)
Friends Will Be Friends (with Deacon)
Princes Of The Universe
Made In Heaven
Mother Love (with May)
I Was Born To Love You

Let's Turn It On
Foolin' Around
Your Kind Of Lover
Mr. Bad Guy
Man Made Paradise
There Must Be More To Life Than This
Living On My Own
My Love Is Dangerous
Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow
Barcelona ( with Mike Moran)
La Japonaise (with Mike Moran)
The Fallen Priest (with Mike Moran/ Tim Rice)
Ensueno (with Mike Moran/ Monserrat Caballe)
The Golden Boy (with Mike Moran/ Tim Rice)
Guide Me Home (with Mike Moran)
How Can I Go On (with Mike Moran)
Overture Piccante (with Mike Moran
Foolin' Around
Your Kind Of Lover
Exercises In Free Love ( with Mike Moran)
Let's Turn It On
Love Kills (with Giorgio Moroder)

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