For the most part, meat must be cooked. Some veggies can be eaten raw, but you can't count on them. Nuts are nice but many people are allergic (an allergy to some, or all nuts, is the most common food allergy in humans) Also, you must destroy a seed to eat a nut. When you eat a fruit you're eating a part of the plant designed especially for eating. The plants have evolved fruits to trick us in to planting their seeds for them. Considering how yummy many fruits are, it's not a bad trade off. Ingesting banana seeds, spitting watermelon seeds and tossing peach pits in the yard is a small price to pay for the juicy bright sun-filled flesh of fruits.

The belief that fruits are the only things that humans can morally eat is known as fruitarianism. It is a fairly romantic form of orthorexia. The only fruitarians who are able to stick to the diet also eat nuts. The avocado is the only widely available fruit with protein and it hasn't got a complete set of proteins... (but I digress)

Fresh fruit is essential to a healthy diet. (Okay, to be honest, you can get by without it, but it makes things much more simple when it come to weight loss, avoiding illness and staying hydrated.) Start by resolving to eat 5 a day (that's five pieces of fruit every day) if you eat them before messing with any other food there is a good chance you loose weight, simply because the vitamin rich, sweet craving satiating, water-infused pulp will lessen your cravings for refined sugars and carbohydrates. So you eat less, and (depending on the fruit you choose) get all of your vitamin C and A (and some others) from natural sources which are easier (some studies show) for the body to absorb.

What is wrong with fruit that is not fresh? (you might ask) Well, when fruit is pickled, canned, or otherwise processed some of the fructose turns in to a monosachride. There is nothing terrible about monosachrides, it just breaks down faster in the body leaving you hungry sooner. Also some of the vitamins (especially those in the skins of fruits) are eliminated during canning and saucing. Not to mention the fact that fruits naturally high in fiber (such as the apple) may become low fiber once juiced.

Other than hanging around the fruit stand and stealing apples you can also prepare fresh fruit as a fruit salad. Many people avoid making large fruit salads since they turn to juicy mush after a few days. But with the aid of vacuum packing jars you can make your salad last for a week.

Whatever it takes, I urge you do to your best to eat some more fresh fruit. Apples really do keep away doctors!

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