Frozen - as in "My computer has frozen" or "The (computer) game has frozen."

What is it?
Means that the expected function of the computer or game has ceased to continue. It may return some time later. It can usually be resolved by restarting the computer.

Why is it so?
It is usually the result of an unexpected (for the computer) series of actions or events, particularly the cumulative effect of these actions.

What do I do?
If you computer is frozen usually just restart it (preferably using a software restart rather than a hardware restart). In online games, the function of the game is more likely to be the cause rather than the user's computer. In this case you need to wait until the game has fixed the problem (perhaps by restarting the game server).

Written by Madonna and Patrick Leonard

You only see what your eyes want to see
How can life be what you want it to be
You're frozen
When your heart's not open

You're so consumed with how much you get
You waste your time with hate and regret
You're broken
When your heart's not open

Mmmmmm, if I could melt your heart
Mmmmmm, we'd never be apart
Mmmmmm, give yourself to me
Mmmmmm, you hold the key

Now there's no point in placing the blame
And you should know I suffer the same
If I lose you
My heart will be broken

Love is a bird, she needs to fly
Let all the hurt inside of you die
You're frozen
When your heart's not open

If I could melt your heart...

My Take: Okay, I like Madonna as much as the next person and even have forgiven her for changing her accent every week -- even still, I regard her as obscenely talented and skilled with her craft, and this little piece shows it.


As good as it is, there exists a cover of this song; the cover, by Girls Under Glass, makes the Madonna version seem like wet, stringy lettuce because where the original has soothing vocals, the cover has angry boys with guitars. It creates a extreme contrast when you listen to them both together -- on one side you have Madonna's high vibrato and smooth notes.. and then on the other side you have GuG using voice harmonizers, persistant precussion and what amounts to "fierce" guitar work (whether it's real or sampled, though, is something I'm not sure) -- it like what you would expect if Rozz Williams got together with The Sisters of Mercy to cover it and then had Project Pitchfork remix it.

This is not to say the Madonna version is in anyw way bad because it's not, it's just saying that the cover is really, really good. But the lyrics are beautiful any way you like it, and so it really has something to offer anyone, depending on how you want to take it. With sugar or without.

Frozen (1998)
Century Media Records
Ville Laihiala (vocals)
Miika Tenkula (lead guitar)
Sami Lopakka (guitar)
Vesa Ranta (drums)
Sami Kukkohovi (bass)

Finland band Sentenced's 5th album, and a huge turning point in the bands sound. This album shows why their transformation from an average run of the mill death metal band, to their original brand of melodic depressed "pop metal" was a good thing. The Sentenced fan community firmly believes that this is the peak of their current musical careers, but Ville and the rest of Sentenced may surprise us yet.

From the albums opening song "Kaamos" a beautiful instrumental introducing the album as somewhat of an epic, through to the depressed meat of the album and then to a sorrowful fading instrumental to finish it off. Sentenced show off their truly magnificent song writing abilities in this album and Ville lets everyone know just how depressed he still is through his dark vocals, and his lyrics.

For song highlights, refer to the track listing, this is one of the best, easily digestible metal albums to date, and not one song on the album lets them down.

Track Listing
1. Kaamos
2. Farewell
3. Dead Leaves
4. For The Love I Bear
5. One With Misery
6. The Suicider
7. The Rain Comes Falling Down
8. Grave Sweet Grave
9. Burn
10. Drown Together
11. Let Go (The Last Chapter)
12. Mourn

"Do you want to build a snowman?"

Released November 27, 2013, Frozen is Disney Animation Studio's 53rd animated feature (and third one done in Pixar-esque 3D animation). It is loosely, very loosely, based on Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen. In that there is a queen, and there is snow.

The movie starts when our main characters, the sisters Anna and Elsa, are little kids playing together in the middle of the night while their parents, the king and queen of Arendelle are asleep. The problem is that the elder sister Elsa has ice powers. She can conjure and control ice and snow at will, and while at first she and Anna are enjoying themselves making snowmen and sliding around on the ice-covered floor, things get a little out of hand and Elsa accidentally injures Anna. Kingdad and Queenmom wake up, scold Elsa for using her powers, and take Anna into the forest to meet the trolls there, who are apparently great magic healers. They fix Anna, but the cost is that she forget the memories of her sister's power. She retains the memories of the two playing in the snow together, but forgets that the snow was Elsa's doing. The lead troll warns Elsa against using her powers in the most unhelpful and vague way possible, saying that "fear will destroy you," leading her family to believe that means should anyone find out about her powers, she'll be killed by an angry mob. All that sets up for Elsa years of paranoia and self-loathing.

Years pass. Tragedy strikes the family, leaving Elsa and Anna alone. The two grow apart (though not for Anna's lack of trying to establish a connection). Elsa has lost all control of her powers and hides herself away, afraid of both hurting the people around her and of being hurt by them. That all lasts until Elsa is 21, Anna is 18, and it is the day of the coronation, the first time in years that the castle gates will be open to the public. Things come to a boil when Anna finds and immediately falls in love with Prince Hans from the southern isle, Arendelle's trade partner Duke Weselton plots to undermine and overtake Arendelle's trade, and Elsa loses control in a very public way. . .

The majority of the movie is Anna, with the help of an icecutter named Kristoff, his reindeer Sven, and the living snowman Olaf, searching for her sister to bring her home.

I swear to God, this movie took over the world for a few months there. It came out during the snowpocalypse last year when half the country was covered in snow, and no matter where you turned, someone was making a "Let It Go" cover, parody, or remix.

Despite the backlash this movie garnered (ironically enough, mostly due to its explosive popularity), this is a good movie. There's a reason it was so damn popular: it was a breath of fresh air. It was a princess movie-- the first one since 2010's Tangled-- but it didn't follow the usual girl-does-thing, girl-meets-boy, girl-boy-relationship-is-most-important-thing. Anna gets a love interest, yeah, but the love interest is not the most important thing. The relationship between Anna and Elsa is what is important (a relationship that is actually physically manifested as Olaf the snowmen. on the flipside, the giant spiky guard snowman Elsa makes represents her desire to be alone. Nice).

The voice acting is amazing. Idina Menzel from Wicked and RENT plays Elsa, thus cementing the fact that in every production she is in, Idina Menzel gets a kickass "later suckers" song ("Defying Gravity," "Take Me or Leave Me," "Let it Go").

Also, this movie had two big twists that, while not particularly risky, don't happen in kids movies, much less Disney princess movies. I won't say what they are, even though by this point everyone and their grandmother has seen the film, because they were just that good. In retrospect, these twists were not anything all that impressive; the same sort of things happen in books and television media all the time, I'm sure. But this was an audience that wasn't expecting anything new at this point.

The movie is good. The humor is just about perfect. The advertising for this film left out everything about Anna and Elsa and the ice powers, instead focusing on Olaf and Sven interacting and being god awfully annoying. However, in the movie they don't actually interact that much, and Olaf, instead of being a horrendously annoying sidekick, is actually done very well. They go with the quieter, underplayed humor with him instead of making him obnoxious and loud, and he's genuinely funny. Sven doesn't talk. I am so happy Sven the reindeer doesn't talk. If anything, the movie sort of picks on the talking animal stereotype; often times when Kristoff is debating with himself, he will be Sven's "voice" and play devil's advocate to himself while Sven watches on.

While this isn't the best Disney movie by any means, it was the best one we'd had in a while, and I think that alone is enough for it to leave a mark.

Also, funny thing, the original story is by Hans Christian Andersen. The character's names are Hans-Kristoff-Anna-Sven. Heh.

Fro"zen (?), a.


Congealed with cold; affected by freezing; as, a frozen brook.

They warmed their frozen feet. Dryden.


Subject to frost, or to long and severe cold; chilly; as, the frozen north; the frozen zones.


Cold-hearted; unsympathetic; unyielding.


Be not ever frozen, coy. T. Carew.


© Webster 1913.

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