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Perhaps the last 70s funk group, cheesy threads and all. Except this was the 80s, so they traded in hip-hoppery. They produced UTFO's "Roxanne Roxanne", launching a brief vogue of rappers named Roxanne and Roxanne answer songs. A rapper called "The Real Roxanne" did some recording with them, but I've lost track of which Roxanne, if any, was real.

Their biggest production gig (they usually wrote and arranged the material as well) was with Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, whose "I Wonder If I Take You Home" put Lisa, Cult Jam, and Full Force on the pop map. Lisa Lisa's "Everything Will B-Fine" was a nod to Full Force member B-Fine, but since he was one of the writers, it wasn't a tribute - it was just Full Force injecting themselves into one of their productions, a trademark of sorts. They even appeared in the videos, on occasion.

One of their little interjections - Full Force, get busy one time! - later became an album title (Get Busy 1 Time), once they began recording under their own name. They also did a Samantha Fox LP, finding a nice middle ground between her early, lame, pop-disco recordings and hip-hop. For this brief moment in time, we could consider Smamfa a serious recording artiste.

They went Hollywood fairly early on, but later they went Hollywood for real - appearing in those House Party movies and such. Not too much of a stretch, since their flair for comedy had already been shown in the music.

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