Insanity. The Jetsons. Silver gizmos. Fifth Element-esque orange and plastic clothing (or if Leeloo is anything to go by, close to none). Technology that is slowly taking us farther and farther away from actual reality..
But how pretty it shall all be!

Here are some predictions for the 21st century, in three luscious categories.

Dennis Paphitis of Aesop’s Cosmetics tells us how he predicts we shall see a shift in society’s perception of beauty.

Beauty will increasingly be about scientifically validated, botanically derived proportions, that work synergistically to to cleanse and protect the skin. The very notion of beauty will be redefined, with much less emphasis on youth and perfection. We’re starting to see some interesting Eurasian looks in Australia, which will result in an overdue attitudinal shift of physical ideals

In place of sunscreen:
It had been shown through tests that high doses of Vitamin C and Vitamin E offer some protection against sun damage to the skin. It is expected that soon we may be swallowing some sort of photo-protective pill to shield us from those UV Rays.

Lancome is already using Magnetic Resonance Imaging to study the brain’s responses to stimuli. This is so that they can further build on such products as their night dream, ‘Primordiale Nuit’ which is explicitly designed to relax and soothe, using the sense of smell, touch and sight.

Airbrush makeup:
“Experts” from M.A.C suggest that Dinair’s airbrush gun might replace the makeup sponge by 2005. This implement comes in the form of an aerodynamic pen which uses the principles of pointillism by blowing micro droplets of makeuppigment onto the skin, at the same time allowing your natural complexion to blend with the makeup. The result? ‘Flawless looking, natural skin’.

Susan Irvine, beauty editor and fragrance expert, insists that we need a rebirth of the entire concept of perfumery, adding that it shall happen within the next decade. She says concept and head space fragrances are the way of the future..For instance, what does a pearl smell like? A cloud? A scrap of 14th century silk?

Heat sensitive colour cosmetics:
These allow makeup to acquire a sense of narrative. A sample scenario: You will leave the house wearing an angelic tongue-pink lipstick. Then if you kiss somebody, your mouth will fleetingly transform to a seductive crimson. Or, you will wear merely a trace of natural blush, and then when somebody touches your cheek, a streak of silver might cross your face as a trace of their body heat.

The Truman show prediction:
A bold prediction avows that technology will have the power to preserve every waking moment of your life and preserve it so that your great-great-grandchildren might be able to quiz you, virtually.

These are microscopic molecular machines capable of shifting singular atoms. Before long, scientists will have the capabilities to construct the first nano-robot able to self-replicate. The idea is that these robots will be able to create desired industrial products from raw materials.. for example, rather than a cow eating grass, and then us cutting meat from the cow.. we would simply turn grass into cow (if anyone can let me in on the mechanics of that one, I’d love to know). It is also predicted that these happy healthy critters will dwell inside our bodies to unclog arteries and do repairs and so on and so forth. Within a matter of years of these being created, industrial processes will be obselete and consumer goods will be plenteous, inexpensive, intelligent and long lasting. We will effectively have no other choice but to a life of leisure!

Kiss communicator:
An invention by DEO Product Development in London. This is a handheld device with sensors, into which you blow a kiss. Then sensors allegedly pick up your kiss and transmit it into a coloured pattern. Our partner’s sensor receives the kiss electronically and glows prettily.

Leif Technologies has developed a small computer that is able to be mounted on a headstone and will play a multimedia presentation of the dearly departed. Hmmm.

Bikini that plays musique:
Philips has developed a bikini, and indeed a range of garments equipped with a detachable, buttons sized music player and speakers. The wearer can download music directly from the internet. Philips has also designed a playsuit for children with GPS technology so that parents can monitor their child’s movements.

Design your own:
We will soon be able to choose the sleeve length, neckline, size and colour of our chosen garment and have it be delivered within days. With 3D scanning, e-commerce and computerized fabric cutting, ordering and making custom clothing will be as easy and inexpensive as mass production is now. The 3D Body Scanner is now new to the Levi’s store in San Francisco. The scanner obtains accurate measurements of the entire body, which are entered into the system to make custom fitted jeans. This promotes less of a compulsion for individuals to conform to the mass produced pieces available, and encourages people to be happy to be ‘me-shaped’ rather than to strive for an antediluvian ideal.

A series of garments incorporating the workings of keyboards and navigational equipment is being developed. The US Army is currently testing the pieces. It is predicted that in the future, tourists will be able to navigate themselves through foreign cities by the signals oon their sleeves.

Futuristic fabrics:
Manufacturers are developing anti-static yarns and fabrics that can regenerate, repairing their own goddamn holes and tears. (About time). French designer François Girbaud has been working on what she calls a ‘ceramic polyester’, that can regulate temperature, so that one could wear a T-shirt all year round and be as warm or as cool as one desired. The French are also developing fibres that act as artificial muscles, amplifying the movement of the muscles (to give athletes a boost).
Fabrics are being invented that change colour with heat or humidity (no, it’s not like old school Hypercolour). She has also developed clothes that are impregnated with moisturizers or scents, which at the moment last for around 20 or so washes, but soon will last for longer. The implication of this is that we might be able to treat skin conditions or mete out relevant vitamins by wearing a self-styled ‘healthy dress’.

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