Description: Light gun
Platform: Sony Playstation 2
Creator: Namco
Connections: USB and inline AV connection
Setup:The G-con 2 is connected to the Playstation 2 via the USB port and inline with the AV cable

The G-con 2 is regarded as the official light gun for the Playstation 2. The original G-con 45 for the Playstation had much the same reputation. Traditionally light guns and light gun games have been known as gimicky, unreliable and because of the system that they use are incompatible with certain types of television (i.e. it must be used on a traditional scanning television). If you ignore these problems then Namco have created a very respectable product. The light gun compatible game line up for the PS2 is increasing and includes some excellent titles which should only be experienced with a light gun (e.g. Time Crisis 3, Resident Evil Dead Aim, Vampire Nights and several others). These recent improvements to the genre have helped to develop light guns from being an extravagance to a respected gaming peripheral.

Control layout

Trigger – Located in the obvious position… umm… used for the obvious purpose

Start button – Located on the left hand side of the gun, a small circular button

SelectMounted next to the start button, again a small circular button

A – Mounted on the left side of the gun above the trigger, used as a general function button

B – Mounted on the right side of the gun above the trigger (Opposite to the A button)

C – Mounted under the handle of the gun (Where a clip would usually be inserted), typically used to reload during a game

D-pad – Located on the back of the gun within easy reach of your thumb

Good points

The smaller size of the gun (than its predecessor) makes it lighter to hold for long periods of time and easier to wave about. The tough blue plastic gives it a stylish look and hardwearing feel. The D-pad is perfectly located for navigating menus and controlling the action in games like Resident Evil Dead Aim. The C button is in an ideal position for reloading.

Bad points

The A and B buttons are too close to the trigger. This makes them difficult to use in conjunction with the trigger. The shorter barrel makes it difficult to cradle the barrel of the gun with your other hand if that is how you like to play. It does have a cable, of a very nice length, but there are wireless guns on the market so if that kind of thing annoys you then this might not be the product for you.

Overall this is a good product and has to be near the top of your list if you are thinking of buying a light gun. It is reliable and as far as I’m aware it is compatible with all the PS2 light gun games on the market.

Location - On a more aesthetic note the European version is blue, the U.S. version is orange and the Japanese version is black. Thanks to Ichiro2k3 for pointing this out to me!

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