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GLINN stands for 'Gay/Lesbian International News Network'. Based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, GLINN Publishing Corporation claims to be the 'largest gay internet presence in the world'.

According to their web site GLINN's focus is to provide news, a wide range of informational resources and entertainment for the gay and lesbian community. As well as acting as a major news portal for the gay community, GLINN runs a small ISP, hosts (and produces) gay erotica, offers free personal voice-mail services, hosts a BBS, sells/produces gay and lesbian greeting cards and hosts a collection gay-oriented comic strips and clip art.

GLINN began in 1986 as a typesetting and graphics group, with Wisconsin Light and In Step Magazine (Wisconsin's two gay publications) as clients. www.glinn.com came online in July, 1996.

GLINN has registered the following domains:

  • glinn.com, glinn.net
  • gayadult.com
  • gaycards.com
  • gayclipping.com
  • gaydata.com
  • gaydance.com
  • gayglobe.com
  • gaynature.com
  • gaypet.com
  • gayrealms.com, gayrealms.net
  • gaystore.com
  • gaytoons.com
  • gaytunes.com
  • greetings-gifts.com
  • bookscribe.com
  • xxx-help.com, xxx-help.net
  • cashkey.com, cashkey.net, cashkey.org, cash-key.net
In addition, GLINN is affiliated with:
  • realitystreet.com, realitystreet.net, realitystreet.org, reality-street.com, reality-street.net, reality-street.org
  • gaybox.net
  • gaybuttons.com, gaybuttons.net
  • telcophone.com
  • callfind.com
Contact Information:

CEO: Dan F. Schramm

GLINN Publishing Corporation
P.O. Box 511537
Milwaukee, WI 53203-0261

Office Telephone: 414-289-8640 or 414-289-7777

24 Hr. GLINN Community Voice Mail: 414-289-8780
24 Hr. Order Line: 414-289-8644
24 Hr. Fax: 414-289-0789
BBS: 414-289-9494 (33.6)


GLINN web site:

GLINN is also an acronym for the 'Government Libraries and Information Network in NSW' (that is, New South Wales).

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