Located at 5702 York Boulevard in Los Angeles, California, Galco's carries soda pop from all over the United States and quite a bit of Europe. Even better, their dominion of the sodaverse extends through time as well as space: if a requested brand is no longer being made, they will track down the recipe, purchase the rights to manufacture and sell it, and commission an independent bottler to produce the brew.

When we visited this past weekend, we dropped over twenty dollars on soda -- and that was after reluctantly putting back several bottles. Our purchase included Dad's and Hire's root beer, AJ Stephan's Raspberry Lime Rickey, Moxie cherry cola, Cheerwine, two kinds of ginger beer, and Mystic Seaport Spruce Beer ("The closest you'll ever get to drinking a tree!"). They also carry original-recipe Dr Pepper made with cane sugar, but they were sold out and taking advance orders for the next shipment. They say they'll ship anywhere.

(323) 255-7115

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