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Gargnano is a small town on the west shore of Lake Garda, which is near Brescia in Northern Italy.

Gargnano sits right next to the lake, with waterfront hotels, cafes and restaurants providing a beautiful view of the lake, or of the town itself from the frequent ferries that service the ports of Lake Garda.
Among the hotels, one worthy of note is the Hotel Garni Riviera. Rates there can be as low as 41.30 euro (80,000 lire) per night for a two-person room. The added bonus of this hotel is the opportunity to have your breakfast on a balcony overlooking the lake.

Gargnano is situated within easy distance from other towns on the lake, such as Limone, Riva, Toscolino and Salo, while the lake ferry gives access to towns and cities on the east side of the lake, such as Malcesine and Bardolino.

Gargnano is also situated in the heart of wine country. Local wines such as Gropello, Lugano and Chiaretto are freely available, as are Bardolino and Valpolicella.

A visitor may reach Gargnano either by car via the autostrada, or by train from either Milan or Venice to Brescia or Verona respectively, and then by bus to the town itself.

A map of the Lake may be found at http://www.gardalake.it/garda-map.html

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