Gathering of Developers (or GoD for short) is a Texas-based computer and video game publishing company. The company was founded in January 1998 with an unusual mission: a publisher solely devoted to supporting independent computer game developers, retaining their freedom and allowing them an avenue through which to publish games.

Their business model at the time was unique. Rather than creating games in-house, the company instead supports small independent development houses and ties them together in a network, allowing each group to retain much of their freedom but connecting them to resources and a publishing network that they wouldn't otherwise have.

The company made a big splash in 1998 with their earliest title, Railroad Tycoon II. It was a monstrous hit for Pop Top Software (the original developer) and GoD and it proved that the GoD business model could indeed work. Shortly afterward, the company was purchased wholely by Take Two Interactive, though it remains to this day a largely independent entity.

Mike Wilson, former CEO at ION Storm, serves as the current CEO at Gathering of Developers. He left ION Storm to be involved in the formation of the new company.

Games published by Gathering of Developers include:

Due to the company's wide success and large library of titles, many more will probably be released soon through their network.

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