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b.1947 d.2002
Prolific author who has written dozens of short stories and numerous novels. Most of Effinger's works are science fiction, though the novels Felicia and Shadow Monkey are not.

Effinger is best known for his Marid Audran novels: When Gravity Fails, Fire In the Lake, and The Exile Kiss. These books are set in a futuristic Arabic ghetto - the Budayeen - and helped define the cyberpunk subgenre. The interactive fiction game Circuit's Edge was based on this futuristic world and Effinger helped in writing the game.

George's novelette, Schroedinger's Kitten won both a Hugo and a Nebula award. He has also published several short stories under the pseudonym O. Niemand. For a time he helped run the official NBC website for the soap opera The Days of Our Lives.

He was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1947. He died from an internal hemorrhage due to a bleeding ulcer.

What Entropy Means to Me (1972)
Relatives (1973)
Mixed Feelings (1974) short story collection
The Planet of the Apes: Man the Fugitive (1974)
The Planet of the Apes: Escape to Tomorrow (1975)
The Planet of the Apes: Journey into Terror (1975)
Nightmare Blue (1975) with Gardner Dozois
The Planet of the Apes: Lord of the Apes (1976)
Irrational Numbers (1976)
Those Gentle Voices (1976)
Felicia (1976)
Death in Florence (1978) aka Utopia 3
Dirty Tricks (1978) short story collection
Heroics (1979)
The Wolves of Memory (1981)
Idle Pleasures (1983) short story collection
The Nick of Time (1985)
Shadow Monkey (1988)
When Gravity Fails (1986)
The Bird of Time (1986)
A Fire in the Sun (1989)
The Exile Kiss (1991)
Maureen Birnbaum, Barbarian Swordsperson (1993) short story collection
Trinity : Hope Sacrifice Unity (1997)

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