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Ghost Recon is a game designed for the PC, which involves choosing your team from assorted experts, such as riflemen, support, assault, demolitions, and snipers, and having them deployed to a crisis area, and completing objectives which are crucial to bringing down a Russian/Georgian uprising.

The missions range from rescuing hostages in secured fortresses to stopping tanks and troops invading a Neutral safe-house. The objectives you must complete include non-crucial mini-missions, but the benefits for your doing so are in the form of experienced troops for your squads.

Reasons you may wish to play this game.

The game itself is completely opposite the majority of first-person shooters, because in this, stealth is more important than running in with weapons akimbo. Doing so will get you killed rather easily. This creates a atmosphere of tension while you lie prone waiting for that Georgian rebel to just pop his head over the hill...

The graphics too, are some of the best I've seen in a game to date. Very pretty, I must say.

Reasons you may not wish to play this game

The game falls sort of flat on its face in the fact that it feels a little shallow in places, such as a mission set in a swamp. It leaves you with a lingering "What the hell did i just do that for?" feeling, after tramping through the swamp just to find some Russian leader and kill everything else that moves. Also, the objectives you complete don't exactly seem to be hugely effective towards bringing down an empire, yet, somehow it does this...

All in all I think I would recommend this game to others though, if you have the patience for it. So in consideration of this, i give it 9/10.

System Requirements
Pentium II 450 or greater
128MB of RAM
Windows 9x/ME/2000/XP
DirectX 8.0 or higher (included with game)
16MB DirectX 8.0 compatible 3D card
1GB of free HDD space
4x or better CD-ROM
DirectX 8.0 compatible sound card
28.8 kbps connection or higher (Cable recommended)

Now get out there and buy the game =)

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