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God Loves, Man Kills was printed in 1982, and is officially listed as Marvel Graphic Novel #5. It is been out of print for about 19 years. It is a graphic novel featuring the X-men, Marvel Comics famous team of mutant superheroes.

Rumored to be the basis of the new X-men movie sequel, this graphic novel is hailed as one of Chris Claremont's definitive works as a comic book writer.


The plot deals with the anti-mutant crusade of televangelist William Stryker, whose followers back up his sermons with murderous violence. Stryker is an extremist who believes with all his heart that Charles Xavier is the anti-Christ, and his sermons are eerily similar to those actually heard in the real world. The opening pages of the book feature scenes in which two mutant children are ruthlessly gunned down by Stryker's zealots. Far from glorifying violence, the murders give a haunting tone to the book. It is far too realistic and sadly, plausible, to be dismissed as a simple comic book. Under attack, both politically and physically, the X-Men face a difficult choice: stay true to Xavier's vision of peaceful co-existence with humans, or join forces with their usual nemesis, Magneto, and give credit to his call for violent revolution.

As the murderous villain presented himself as a man of God, many incorrectly saw this graphic novel as being an attack on religion. It is instead an indictment of those who use religion as a justification for hatred. The grimness of this book provides a thinly veiled commentary on intolerance in all its forms, genetic, religious or racist. The villains that faced the X-men in "God Loves, Man Kills" are far too common in the real world. The uncomfortable parallels that it draws make the reader think about the same prejudices that exist between men. In dealing with these topics, the story transcends its medium and serves as both a commentary and a criticism on how we treat one another.

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