Some real, Some purely Divine. We fae all spring from these Kings and Queens of Old.

The Goddesses

  • Danu***
    Danu, Anu, or Dana, is the ancient Mother Goddess of Ireland. The Welsh Don is her equivalent. She is the Goddess worshipped by the sidhe race the Tuatha de Dannan. Some believe that the Moon Goddess Diana, the Faery Queen of Witcheries, derived from the Great Danu.
  • Morgan Le Fay*** Morgan Le Fay or Morgan of the Faeries was Arthur's half-sister. She was a priestess of Avalon where she was raised and tutored in the magickal arts. She may have been a lover of Marlin, who taught her many skills. Morgan, means "of the Sea", and may refer to her Avalonian home across the waters. Morgan le fay was a seductive enchantress, a wild woman of Faery.
  • Nimue***
    Nimue is the Otherworld Goddess sometimes known as The Lady of The Lake. The Lady of The Lake appears throughout the Arthurian legends as a mysterious figure that offers advice and intervention. It is thought that a number of Goddesses have assumed this role including Morgan Le Fay and Vivienne, as well as Nimue. In some versions of the legend Nimue turns against the aging Merlin and traps him in her crystal cave. Some believe she merely kept him there for safe-keeping and healing until the people of the Earth invoked his return.
  • Gwenhwyfar***
    Gwenhwyfar, whose name means White Spirit, is the original May Queen of Faery. It is said that she wed King Arthur on Beltaine , or May Day, a month reserved for the marriage of the Gods. Whoever bedded Gwenhwyfar ruled the Land. Her grace and beauty were highly sought after and her love affair with Sir Lancelot weakened the power of the idyllic Camelot .
  • Medb***
    Medb, also known as Mab or Maeve, is the magnificent Warrior Queen of Faeries. According to Irish legend, as in the stories of Gwenhwyfar, no King could reign in this world unless he was married to this Queen of the Otherworld. In other words the King must have one foot in this world and one in the other. Her fierce invasion of Ulster precipitated her downfall. In revenge for this act, she was slain by the single slingshot of Forbai, son of the Ulster King, while she was bathing in a pool.
  • Aine***
    Aine is a beautiful fertility Goddess of ancient Ireland. She has been called the Faery Queen of Knockaine. Wherever she focused her attention Love flourished. Aine's Hill in County Kerry, was the site of glorious Midsummer celebrations in her honor.
  • Cerridwen***
    Cerridwen is the Keeper of the great cauldron, the Grael. In the cauldron brews immeasurable wisdom, magic and knowledge. Whoever sips of the cauldron of Cerridwen becomes enlightened. When Gwion Bach accidentally put his finger into her cauldron and sucked it he was transformed. He, with Cerridwen in pursuit shape shifted into a hare, a fish, a bird, and a grain and the finally emerged as the great Taliesin, the greatest of bards
  • Rhiannon***
    Rhiannon, "The Great Queen", was cursed by a scorned lover's father. As a result she became barren and childless for many years. When at last she gave birth to her first son, she was falsely accused of devouring her child. She is seen riding a swift white steed accompanied by blackbirds. She is the patroness of all unjustly accused and of those who suffer long-term hardships.
  • Blodeuedd***
    Blodeuedd is an Otherworldly woman who was born of flowers. Lleu's mother Arianrhod place a gais (magical oath) on her son that he should never marry a mortal woman. So Blodeuedd, whose name means "Flower Face", was created from the flowers of oak, broom and meadowsweet by powerful magicians as a wife for Lleu. When she slept with another man she was changed into an owl and became a creature of the night.

The Gods

  • Arthur Pendragon***
    Arthur Pendragon was claimed by Merlin when he was a young boy. He was raised and groomed under Merlin's tutelage to become the Once and Future King. When the time came for him to fulfill his destiny he was able to draw the sword from the stone, thus proving his birthright. Throughout his reign he was guided by the Ladies of Avalon. And when he was mortally wounded in battle he was ferried to Avalon accompanied by four Faery Queens.
  • Aengus***
    Aengus was the Celtic equivalent of Eros, a God of Love, Grace, and Beauty. It is said that he possessed much faery magic and was able to calm troubled seas and sooth human hearts. He was the son of the great Dagda, Father of all Gods. Aengus was known for his beauty. Four birds encircled his head, singing and enchanting all he encountered.
  • Taliesin***
    Taliesin, "Shining Brow", was a Welsh wizard, known for his prophetic and bardic skills. Born as Gwion, he was transformed after sucking a drop of liquid from Cerridwens cauldron. He was renamed Taliesin because of his radiant aura that resulted from his enlightenment. "I am old. I am new, I have been dead, I have been alive."
  • Manannan mac Lir***
    Manannan mac Lir, son of the sea god Lyr, ruled Emhain ("of the Apple Trees"), the Faery land of Eternal Promise. He was a great king and a noble warrior, and drove a magical chariot over the waves. He also possessed a boat that was able to navigate itself called "Wave-Sweeper."It is said that he fathered both fairie and human children. He wrapped his adopted son Lugh in his magic cloak and whisked him off to the Otherworld where he was trained in the magical arts. It is said that it was he who ferried the dying King Arthur to Avalon in his magic boat that was able to part the mists and travel between the worlds.
  • Cuchulainn***
    Cuchulainn, or the Hound of Culann, was a champion warrior god of Ulster. He was a passionate fighter and lover. His Father was Lugh, the Sun God and his Mother was Dechtire, a Druids daughter. Cuchalainns exploits on and off the battlefield have been carried on the lips of bards for many centuries.
  • Merlin***
    Merlin, Myrddin, the great sorcerer and Druid of Great Britain was said to have learned all of his skills from the Faery Queen of Avalon..He is referred to as the Wild Man of the Woods and is known for his skills of prophecy, magic and wisdom. Legend has it that he resides in a Crystal Cave and will once again emerge when the time has come.
  • Lugh***
    Lugh the Sun God was the foster son of the powerful magician Manannan mac Lair. Lugh's grandfather was the one-eyed Fomorian, Balor. The Fomorians challenged the Tuatha for the control of Ireland. Lugh defeated Balor on the battlefield with a single sling shot that hit his one eye. It is thought that the defeat of Balor by his descendent Lugh signaled the end of the reign of the Old Gods and the dawn of a New Age.

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