and that was... Good Advice! Good Advice! Good advice costs nothing, and it's worth the price!

Playing outside
With the sun hot
Is bad for your hide
Unless you drink a lot.

- me, 2000.04.03.n1 @ 23:31 UTC

Live each day as if it were your last, but live your life as though you would live forever.

Never tell anyone that you'll always be there if they need to talk to someone. More often than not, you won't be available. Make sure when you're comforting someone, you mention that you'll be there for them as long as they can get ahold of you. Otherwise, someone may get all suicidal and try to call you because you said you'd always be there...and not be able to get ahold of you..then they get all frustrated and kill themselves. Oops.

Walk around constantly pissed, and the world will hate you. Save your hatred for when you truly mean it, and the world will feel it..cutting into it just under the rib cage, up and through the heart.

It's like when you're a child... if you're constantly begging for stuff, you get yelled at and ignored...but if you only ask for what you truly want, you often get it.

Some people say one's life is defined by the experiences a person has. I say that a person's life is defined by that, as well as the choices a person makes to deal with those experiences. Two people can experience the exact same event, but perceive it in entirely different ways. I guess the trick really is to treat people as you want to be be cool with anyone who's cool with you. There's way too much pointless hate and posturing in this world. It's hard to open up to people sometimes...but it's often the best thing you can do... then again, it can also lead nonunderstanding people to think you're a bit insane. If that's the image you're going for, more power to you.

Don't try to deceive's impossible to get through existence without someone to confide in, even if you're talking to "God" or some other imaginary friend. Make sure you know who you can trust, and confide in them. Many people recognize this void inside of them, and turn to religion to help them. For many people, this helps...and for them is worth whatever sacrifices they may have to make. If you attack their security blanket, they get irrational. The truth is...yes, some people DO need religion to be moral. Then there's those of us who create our own morality.

If you have to yell to make your point, it's probably not worth making anyways.

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