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The central concept behind the educational short films from 1956 entitled Keeping Clean And Neat (produced by Encyclopaedia Brittanica Productions) and Body Care And Grooming (produced by Audio Productions Inc.). Each runs ten minutes and features the bossiest narrator known to mankind.

The narrator explains that cleaning and grooming oneself is an intensive, organized, time-consuming, shameful affair that must be done several times a day at any and all available occassions. It demonstrates step by step on how to wash, shower, dress, and dispose of dirty clothes to the laundry to an elementary school age audience. Despite all the cleanliness going on, watching the film makes the viewer feel quite dirty. Ewww.

The line "Grooming is between you and the Lord God" comes from Mystery Science Theater 3000's treatment of the films. Tom Servo makes the observation after watching the poor children in the films being shamed into keeping clean and neat.

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