Gumby's was founded in Gainesville, Florida, in the 80s by a couple of drop-outs from the University of Florida. They licensed the Gumby name for the chain, along with Pokey some associated imagery, from Art Clokey. They quickly became a favorite with the local college crowd, and soon franchised to Tallahassee (home of rival Florida State University), on their way to numerous other college towns.

Gumby's in Gainesville: The flagship Gumby's, home of the Pokey Sticks. Gator fans routinely stop in here for late night snacks, and a $5 extra-large carryout special.

Gumby's in Tallahassee: The only other Gumby's I've ever been in, and the place of my employment for my final year and a half of college. A rather non-descript hole in the wall, this joint offers no seating. Located at 623 W. Tennessee St, right next to the Loop, and sharing the building with Rainbow Cycles and Smoothie King. There is a $5 carry-out special on a large one-topping pie, small pokey sticks, 10 wings, or 4 pepperoni rolls.

Gumby's Pizza Dough

  • 4 gallons VERY HOT water
  • 1 quart oil
  • 2 oz yeast
  • 50 lbs High-gluten flour.
    • Mix ingredients in dough bowl, cut into balls, kneed, place on oiled tray, proof under refrigeration for a day.


      Gumbys is cool, because they're open really late. Like until 1:30 AM, and 2:30AM on the weekends. Of course, that sucked when I was working there, especially when we had to deliver pizza during a hurricane.

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