Aye, lad, so you're a strapping young Scotsman or an American kilt aficionado, and you're proud of the taste you've developed for true Scotch, true single malt whiskey.

And yet, when no one's looking, you have a sweet tooth. Your mind's less on tossing cabers, and more on the fair lasses and rolling Caledonian hills. You crave the nigh-unbearable sweetness of life. You crave an Irish Cream, perhaps a Bailey's, but your patriotism forbids it.

God smiles upon ye, lad. Heather Cream, imported into America by the Inver House Distillers of Airdrie, Scotland, is a delightful blend of scotch and cream liqueur that is smooth going down but has a distinctly earthy bite. Now you can have your cake and eat it too; it may be a liqueur, but there's manly Scotch in there, by damn!

If you're still feeling insecure about your masculinity, you can pour it into the blackest coffee you can brew and relax before the fireplace, smug in your knowledge that an Irish coffee has nothing on this.

But if you don't give a toss where your alcohol comes from as long as it's tasty, this is a beverage for you, too. Cheers!

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