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{ Moons of Saturn }
Discovered by            P. Laques & J. Lecacheus
Date of Discovery        1980
Distance from Saturn     377,400 km
Radius                   18×16×15 km
Mass                     ???
Orbital Eccentricity     0.005
Orbital Inclination      0.0°
Orbital Period           2.7369 days
Rotational Period        ???
Density (gm/cm3)         ??? 

Possibly a captured asteroid, this irregularly shaped hunk of rock shares an orbit with Dione, preceding it by 60° at what is called the leading Lagrange point. Satellites at this point in another objects orbital path are known as Trojans. It was discovered by means of imagery sent by the Voyager 2 probe.

Helene was named after an Amazon that battled Achilles.


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