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Baddest ass experimental music ever to never be heard in Olympia, WA. Also know as 'Tres Puntos', these guys took it to the warp factor limit and beyond. One has only to hear the scathing strains of 'In My Ready Room' to understand the true gut busting power of these three maniacs. Big John Boyce, Terrible Tiger Balboa, and MC Ray opened many a spring loaded trick can of fuck-ass on these classic tracks. We had scenesters rockin' and begging for more.

Heroic Trio is also a 1992 Hong Kong-made Kung-Fu movie starring Michelle Yeoh as "Invisible Woman". Together with Maggie Cheung's "Thief Catcher" and Anita Mui's "Wonder Woman" (no, not that Wonder Woman) they form the heroic trio.

While the film is a bit cheesy in parts (and a little weird in others) and can be cause for some eye-rolling, it's mostly good fun. If you've seen Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon you might want to rent Heroic Trio for some laughs — although you can't really compare the two — the former being a much better film, Trio is... well it's just kooky to watch with a friend.

Personal note:
I saw Heroic Trio at Cinema 21 after hearing that Michelle Yeoh (who I first saw in SuperCop was in it. Cinema 21 is, in my opinion, the best damn movie theater in Portland Oregon — no being subjected to stupid Pepsi ads, they have reasonably-priced popcorn, '50s seats, a cool ambiance, and the guy who tears your tickets is known as "The Mayor of Northwest Portland"... while others may scream for the stadium seating, give me Cinema 21 anyday... as opposed to most CineGooglePlexes, they actually care about films.

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