The first expansion set for the Legend of the Five Rings CCG following the release of Pearl Edition, Honor-Bound is where the Hidden Emperor story arc begins to kick into high gear.

While Toturi has returned, the Emerald Empire has only just begun to fight. The Crab Clan finally secures Hiruma Castle as the Nezumi prove their strength, and can only now begin recovering from the sheer exhaustion of the task- the Shadowlands Horde, meanwhile, having lost their one reason to cooperate for the time, have fallen even further into their own war. On the other side of the Empire, though, the Scorpion have suddenly broken their exile, and they have not returned from the Burning Sands alone... the Unicorn kami, Shinjo, rides with them, and boy is she pissed. Crane still fight against Crane, the Daidoji daimyo against the Doji daimyo; the Lion and Unicorn continue to battle, as do Yoritomo's Alliance and the Phoenix.

Honor Bound came with three new Strongholds for three Clans: for the Scorpion, the Towers of the Yogo, for the Crab, The Citadel of the Hiruma, and for the Shadowlands, the Sepulcher of Bone. Each starter deck featured one of the new Strongholds and continued the partially-fixed card trend as seen in Pearl Edition, making sealed deck play a viable possibility. Booster packs came eleven cards apiece.

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