Summer is here, and damn it's hot out. The less body hair you have, the better. The armpits are easily the smelliest, sweatiest area on a human. This guide is primarily for males, and will instruct you on how to remove that nasty pithair.

The safest place to do this is in the shower. The hair washes right off and goes down the drain. Your body is always wet... you really do not want to be shaving on a dry area. You could use shaving cream, or foam, or gel, or whatever, but a bar of soap is equally good.

So get in the shower, wash yourself off, get yourself nice and wet, then pull your arm over your head so you just have to turn your head to look at your pit. Ew! Lather it up with soap, and wet your razor. I suggest the Gilette Mach III, as it is more permanent, and has 3 smoother blades, but any disposable razor will do, if you're careful. Feel the direction your pit hair goes, and shave along the grain. Your first several swipes will take off a lot of hair; just rinse it under the shower each time. You may need to resoap your pit. When the long hair is more or less gone, you've still got the stubble to deal with.

The skin under your arm is really soft and sensitive. It cuts easily, and can be scary to shave, much like your genitals. With your thumb and your index finger, spread the armpit skin taut, till it's a nice smooth surface (except for the stubble, of course.) Now shave along the grain over and over, being careful not to go against the grain or sideways. Always do it from the top, and if you miss a hair, just keep coming from the top till you get it. Trust me, it really burns afterwards if you don't.

Rinse off any soap and hair, clean your razor, and don't forget to do the other pit! Now look at your lovely self in the mirror and marvel at the coolness and lack of musk emanating from your armpits. Maintenance should be much easier, since you've already chopped off the long hair... do it once a month, do it twice a week, whichever you please.

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