A super-hero created for DC Comics. He first appeared in Police Comics #1 in August 1941.

Roy Lincoln was younger part of the father-and-son team of chemists working for the U.S. government on a potent new explosive code named QRX-27. Soon after perfecting it, the two were attacked by Nazi agents attempting to steal the formula. The elder Lincoln was killed by the spies, but Roy (who at this point in his life wasn't good under pressure) swallowed the formula.

Rather than dying from exposure to the chemicals, Roy found he had become a modern day Midas, causing all he touched to explode! He quickly dispatched the spies and began to solve the obvious problems with having an explosive touch. He wrapped his hands in "fibro-wax", a mystery compound that dampened the effect of the chemical. He began to wear a modified radiation suit, with helmet, gloves, and overalls and became known as the Human Bomb.

Lincoln joined with the All-Star Squadron and the Freedom Fighters to help battle the Nazi menace. While oversees, he teamed with a group of youngsters known as the Bombadeers. In their final adventure together, the Bombadeers (Curly McGurk, Swordo, and Red Rogers) were given explosive powers by the Human Bomb to help in defeating the Japanese army.

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