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Remarkable UK pop tune from 1967 performed by Whistling Jack Smith. There are no vocals, just instrumental backing to a great deal of jocular whistling. The whistling is apparently the work of the Mike Sammes Singers and the record producer. A cheery, almost militaristic number that could only have been made in Britain in the sixties. The record was the brainchild of two Rogers: Roger Cook and Roger Greenaway. It reached #20 in the Billboard charts and #5 in the uk charts. Following its success, an artist was appointed to 'be' Whistling Jack Smith, and an album was released (http://www.whistlingrecords.com/whistling_albums/js.htm), but the success of 'Kaiser Bill' was never repeated. Today, you can often find the track on 60s compilations.


  • http://www.dustbury.com/music/smith.html

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