A rather jolly Black Metal hymn by Impaled Nazarene. Recorded in October of 1996 for the World Domination II label sampler. It has later resurfaced on the "Decade of Decadence" compilation.

The song starts out with some trolls chanting some incomprehensible gibberish, followed by an amusing scream: "Perkeleen Tontut!!!" (translation: God Damn Trolls!!!), further followed by machine gun fire (no doubt, the weapon in question is the RK 62 as this is a Finnish song). This is the part where everyone usually break down and ROTFL. After this, the actual song starts.

The lyrics are as follows:

By: Impaled Nazarene

Sun goes down and trolls crawl out of their holes
I am waiting the fuckers with my blow-torch

I am the killer of trolls, I show the fuckers no remorse
I execute trolls by burning down the fucking fjords

Sun goes down - execution time
Time has arrived for mayhem, destruction and extinction!

Repeat Chorus

This song is a recommended form of therapy after a session in Usenet or IRC.

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