Here's my favorite funny story about the inherent wickedness of diversity:

Back when I was a freshman or sophomore in college, some local bigot in my old hometown showed up at one of the school board meetings to raise a fuss over the fact that the high school offered a course in World Literature. He had written up a rant about the Evils of Diversity and the Evils of Multiculturalism and the Evils of One-Worldism and the Evils of Re-Writing History to Emphasize Non-Honkeys, and the school board let him read the whole thing during their meeting (he kept it under ten minutes, so kudos). When he was finished, the school board president asked him if he knew that the school included students who were black, Hispanic, and Asian, and he said yeah, he knew that, but there was no reason to cater to special interest groups. Then a teacher asked him if he realized that the World Literature course was an honors-level class open only to seniors who had previously taken the classes in American Literature and English Literature. He turned beet red, then blurted, "Well, they should send those Mexicans and (N-word)s back to Africa where they belong!" And he stormed out, never to darken the halls of education again.

I remember him everytime I hear someone complain that diversity, multiculturalism, and tolerance are bad things.

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