A common phrase that crosses a person's mind when they've done all they could possibly do and are exasperated and unsure of what to do next. Often times it's thought or spoken with such raw, wrenching emotion that is quite similar to hopelessness.

To not have control over certain things causes great distress and unhappiness more times than not. This can be brought upon many ways; perhaps you've done something wrong and are trying to make up for it but it's not quite working out, or you're desperately in love or infatuation with someone but they refuse to return such feelings, or you've just pulled an all nighter going over the same lines of code repeatedly and can't for the life of you figure out why the damn thing isn't working. Whatever the case may be, slamming something against a table or throwing an expensive object across the room against a wall and screaming, "I don't know what else to do!" can help. A little.

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