You are such a little boy. You tell me to ‘ f off’ and make fun of my cussing. Wouldn’t you love my smoking? What if I blew a big puff of cancer in your pricky little asshole boy face? Spread my legs and did a dance on your table? What if I told you to fuck me in your closet with the lights out so we could pretend we were in a giant mouth, being devoured as we writhe. Wouldn’t you like that? Wouldn’t you love it, you prick? Would you like my badmotherfucker boots and the babydoll dress up to there? How would you scream if I threw bourbon in your face and then licked it off your tongue, sopping liquor off my breasts? You are such a little boy. Would you mind if I drew blood next time we kissed? You know what these teeth are for you asshole you asshole you asshole.

You are such a little boy, and I am such a little girl. Don’t I look the part? But behind this I am fucking you in my mind, and this painting is a picture of that. Tattoos and scars. Of your snide little face and your pervert bitch attitude when you take off your shirt in the night. Hold still. I’ll cuss all the fuck I want to. This painting is a picture of you. I’ll put out this clove on your arm all the while that you’re screaming and those big blue eyes are weeping. And you know what? You know what. You know behind all your protests you can’t wait for me to come again. Hold still. I’ll paint this in red. I’ll paint your body and you’re fantasizing me naked, dripping, hurting, and all the things that you never want to be.

F you. Little boy. Stupid fucking little boy, it’s Fuck You. Fuck you. NOW.

"Jebem ti sunce", pronounced yeb-em tee suhn-tseh, means "I fuck your sun", but it is not actually used in a terribly disturbing fashion. I suppose it's because the common people in places where this curse is used say profane words pretty often (this includes my country just like Serbia).

This curse is often used when e.g. someone pulls a practical joke on you: even if they are your best friend you can tell them "Jebem ti sunce!" and it won't be taken to heart (unless they're hypersensitive, which is unlikely if they pull practical jokes on people).

There are several variations to this curse, like "Jebem li ti sunce da ti jebem sunce!" which is one of the more humourous ones. I'm not sure how to translate that, it's pointlessly circular.

Sometimes it's also used in anger, but there are plenty of other curses more appropriate for such situations. (I'd rather not go into details about those, there's enough swearing in this node already. :-)


Thanks to NatchLucid, who reminded me to write down how the phrase is actually pronounced.

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