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Joy! Rationality.

Josip Rodin, a Debian developer from Croatia.

I solemnly covenant that at least 90% of my writeups shall be factual writeups.

        -- the Factnoders' Covenant

As of the 7th of July 2003, I have written:

  • 54 factual writeups (43 C!s) -- 94.73%
  • 3 other writeups (0 C!s) -- 5.26%

Note that this was calculated manually, and is prone to errors.

These other writeups don't stress on facts, but mainly express an opinion. My opinions tend to be based on hard facts, though :o) I also sometimes insert a few bits of non-factual content in my factual nodes, just to make them more interesting, or to make them on topic (in nodes that are all about opinions). I've also included those few song lyrics that I've noded among the non-factual ones.

Proud to be the second Covenanter ever :)

I'm generally willing to do node auditing, especially reciprocal auditing and on factual writeups. No instant downvoting, probably a lot of feedback.

I promise to myself to take the time, every time, to help correct typos and errors as I find them in the database. If I have the capability to vote, cool, or editor cool writeups I promise to inspect the writeup in question for typos, formatting, and spelling and attempt to assist in correcting them in an amicable and civil manner before taking the action in question, or - as the case may be - shortly afterwards.

        -- oath of the Typo death squad (rather wrongly unamiably named :)

In general, I prefer communication via /msg over downvoting, both for my own writeups and for those of others -- I have the blab box activated on all writeups.

In the same vein, I will gladly assist other noders who have good nodes that don't get attention proportional to the effort that the author has put into creating them. I clearly realize that it is uncommon for noders to actively advertize their work, and such a tendency has merit. I do, however, think that people are taking that guideline to the extreme.

The end result is that we have fine, useful nodes with nobody to speak for them floating around zero rep. I have no problem with blather being upvoted into three-digit range; I often upvote it myself. It's the nodes that are stuck at the bottom of the food chain that I'm worried about. They have a very faint hope of ever getting out of the gutter on its own, so please feel free to message me if you think your nice little updated node is not getting a fair deal with The System™. (This could be a start of a whole new user group...)

Writeups that I have updated significantly since the initial submission:

If you've read them before, please read them again and let me know if I've improved them enough. TIA.

Writeups I am likely to C! once I acquire that privilege:

Note that most of these weren't C!ed when I initially put them up here. Some of them will deserve another C! from me, some won't. :)

<hr noshade size="1"> should be allowed.

E2 node tracker should be obligatory. :)

Version: 0.1.2
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