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1. Dawn breaks over roof,
A chilly autumn morning.
I have missed the cold.

Drops beat on roof,
A shivering afternoon.
I have missed the rain.

Dawn breaks at eight,
After I have walked my dogs.
I will miss the sun.

2. Day remains hot and dry.
Night grows chill and wet.
Maybe that fits October.

Summer rained and rained and rained.
October dries and dries.
I have a complaint to lodge.

The clouds skid by too fast.
They bring no rain here.
Who will hear my complaint then?

3. Now a little bit of rain.
Just a little bit of life.
Just not enough for grass seed.

Ducks paddle over the lake.
For them the water is there.
For now the water is there.

Heat has come when I need rain.
Rain will come when I need snow.
Snow will come when I need heat.

4. I have a complaint to lodge.
Who will answer my worry?
Who will help me breathe easy?

Not the man with the wide grin,
Who says all is fine.
He's here for himself alone.

Not the clouds on high,
Who pour the rain or keep it
By whims of the wind.

5. I thought the last cricket would cease
Weeks ago, yet here we are,
Heat by day and by evening.

Here we are,
The crickets and me,
Pretending that nothing changes.

Easy enough to pretend,
When summer never ends.

Everything changes but nothing ends

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