Ever since I got my car, I have been like a damn taxi driver to all my friends. There's something about my car, a beastly tan taurus, that screams "Please, I'm begging you, jump in and make my driver take you wherever you want to go because she has the money and the time!" Of course, I don't mind giving people rides if they're in a tough spot. I remember what it was like having to wait on various street corners and curbs; getting whistled at and feeling like a whore. Its just when they take advantage of me and ask me everyday if I can give them a ride home from school, or work or whatever. My ex-boyfriend did not have a car so I would constantly have to give him rides home from work, drive over to his house and basically take him wherever he needed to go. But that was ok, because I liked him and wanted to get into his pants.

I have a crappy low paying job and I cannot afford to put tanks and tanks of gas into my car to parade around town to drive people around. I work hard for my money, and I feel bad asking people for theirs. So I usually end up being broke and giving the gas station attendent change that I find lying around my house. I think it would be a good idea to put a can for donations in my car and see how that works out.

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