Miles Davis' 1968 midlife crisis. He ditched his immaculate suits for trendy psychedelic-fop finery, and began playing rockhalls like the Fillmore. This LP presaged The Shock that was Bitches Brew -- the quintet was expanded, with a posse of electric keyboardists (including Joe Zawinul, who wrote the dreamy title track) and electric guitarist John McLaughlin. Wayne Shorter switched from tenor saxophone to the much lighter-sounding soprano sax. "Shhh! Peaceful" was driven by Tony Williams' subtle hi-hat work. Subtlety would soon go out the window.

Miles Davis - In A Silent Way (1968)

  1. Shhh/Peaceful (17:58)
    (M. Davis)
  2. In A Silent Way
    (J. Zawinul)
    It's About That Time (19:57)
    (M. Davis)
Miles Davis
Herbie Hancock
Electric Piano
Chick Corea
Electric Piano
Wayne Shorter
Tenor Sax
Dave Holland
Josef Zawinul
Electric Piano and Organ
John McLaughlin
Tony Williams

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