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Interstate 380 runs in the state of Iowa, from Interstate 80 in Iowa City, Iowa to Waterloo, Iowa, where it terminates. It serves Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Waterloo, Iowa. The route is 73 miles long.

It was originally planned to go further north, via the Avenue of the Saints, a highway once planned to go from St. Louis, Missouri to St. Paul, Minnesota, both of which are on the Mississippi River. This route would have gone north of Waterloo to Cedar Falls, Iowa, Waverly, Iowa, and to Charles City, Iowa. At Charles City, it would follow current US 18 to Interstate 35, where it would merge and complete the route to St. Paul, Minnesota.

Only one problem... the city of Waterloo diverted the funds to extend Interstate 380 to community work. So now, what you have it an unfinished freeway, that begins at a stoplight, and isnt signed for its first 4 miles, until you get to the US 20 freeway. No official markers mark the beginning of this freeway, other than an Eisenhower Interstate System sign on the pole of the Exit 72 big green sign.

There are two other Interstate 380s. Interstate 380 in Pennsylvania runs from Scranton, Pennsylvania to Interstate 80. Interstate 380 in California runs from Interstate 280 to the San Francisco International Airport.

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