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Waterloo, Iowa is a city of 68,000 that is 58 miles nortwest of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It is located in the heart of Black Hawk County, Iowa, and is the county seat. It was first settled by George and Mary Hanna, and they called the area Prarie Rapids Crossing. In 1851, Waterloo became incorporated, under the name of Prarie Rapids Crossing. Later on, Charles Mullan petitioned the naming of the town was, claiming it was too long for mailing. His wish was granted, and the name Waterloo was approved.

It is home of John Deere Waterloo Works, where they make their 7000, 8000, and 9000 series tractors. Waterloo also is home of IBF meat packing. The main roads around here are Interstate 380, US 20, US 63, and US 218.

Waterloo is a very conservative city. The state representative representing this district is almost always a Republican (not that that is bad). Waterloo is home of the Waterloo Black Hawks USHL hockey team.

Waterloo is your basic midwest city. It is a city of hard working individuals, surrounded by rolling plains, where corn grows, and pigs are raised. People around here dont mind being in the middle of nowhere. They think that the city life is too busy and demanding, and that being on the rolling plains in the midwest is much more relaxing. There are a lot of farmers around in the Waterloo area.

Waterloo, IA (city, FIPS 82425)
Location: 42.49165 N, 92.35106 W
Population (1990): 66467 (29023 housing units)
Area: 156.9 sq km (land), 3.3 sq km (water)
Zip code(s): 50701, 50702, 50703

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