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I sleep clutching a rosary, sometimes falling asleep with a prayer on my lips; sometimes I fall asleep - at least I think so - and "wake up" 30-45 minutes later wondering if I've slept at all. And when I have "normal" sleep, I don't recall any dreams I may have had. These last few days, I've been having dreams again, dreams that stick with me upon waking. So, as best I can (memory can't possibly capture the richness of dreamland), I'll add (just this once!) to the dream logs, which were the things that prompted me last week to ponder the recent absence of memorable trips to dreamland.

I've also found an etext; I was reminded of it both by an old song I started spontaneously singing, and, later, by a quotation from the book in one of Sainte-Therese's letters to a sister. Sometimes a dream is just a dream; sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Sometimes a coincidence is just a coincidence, but I've been having far too many of these lately to shrug them all off.

I'm annoyed less by the AOL/Time Warner merger (bubble bubble...) than I am by one of the new CRTC-mandated cable channels - Canal Z, or whatever they're calling themselves now. I'm a thousand miles away, but I think it's meant to be a French-language Discovery Channel. At some of the Quebec sites I visit, some DHTML/JavaScript-mad person has, along with the banner ads for Z's "Maintenant-sur-terre", added a rotating "Z" logo that follows your cursor, and, on one page, has a larger version of the logo dancing around the page. I hate it. They apparently want an audience that drools over such eye candy annoyances. I wish I were in Montreal right now, just so I could not watch Canal Z.

I've joined the international stress test of WKCR's new audio streaming server. Poor little box - it won't last the month.

Made soup. Spilled it (boiling) across left hand, leaving a seared triangle in the thumb webbing. Plucked my eyebrows. Stabbed the tweezer point into my right thumb. Bled. Wrote. Sent off an important press request. Took pictures of cute napping co-workers. Wrote a may I just say amazing review of Life After God for staff selections thing at Borders. Sold books to Malika Drexel, Mario Abi-Sarkis, Lavelle V. Beene (a man), Deborah Cantalessa ("sing the mass").

After naming Philip K. Dick's "The Divine Invasion" one of my top ten books, decided to re-read it; the last time I'd done so was 2½ years ago. Later went to 2 movies--"Double Jeopardy" and "Bowfinger", and seen through the prism of "The Divine Invasion" (or thoughts about it), they were brain-rotting trash. Also saw the trailer of "Mission Impossible 2": far fuckin' out. Afterwards, walking through the city, every storefront and building seemed to carry exhortations to buy or consume some junk or other to distract oneself from reality. Am gonna re-read "VALIS" next, who knows what effect that'll have on me.

Was in a bookshop yesterday, and as usual flipped through a copy of former NME writer Julie Burchill's autobiography, "I Knew I Was Right". I want to do a node on the book, but that'd mean reading it properly, and I just don't want to spend my pennies buying it.

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